Applied Linguistics to Foreign Language Teaching and Learning

Evdokia Karavas


The overall purpose of this course is to provide course participants with awareness, knowledge and skills related to the teaching and learning of languages, particularly to English as a foreign language in Greece as a member state of the European Union. Therefore, European language education policies and recommendations are taken into serious account. 

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CC - Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike

Course Units

CompassThe purpose of this unit is to provide an overview of the nature and main concerns of Applied Linguistics and how it relates to other language related disciplines such as linguistics, sociolinguistics and psycholinguistics. Students are introduced to the various branches of applied linguistics and the focus and central issues to be discussed in the Applied Linguistics Course to Foreign Language Teaching and Learning.


GearsThis unit focuses on well known approaches and methods used in the teaching of English as a foreign language. The presentation begins with a discussion of the main principles and features of “approach” and “method” and how they relate. The rest of the unit provides an overview of the main principles of well known and widely used methods and closes with a discussion of the drawbacks of methods and the rationale of an eclectic approach.

lego blockThis unit focuses on theories of language and how they affect language syllabus design and language teaching practices. More specifically, the main principles of the structuralist/formalist trend and the functionalist trend are discussed as well as their impact on the design of language syllabi and foreign language pedagogy more generally.

light bulbThis unit attempts to answer the question “what does it mean to know a foreign language”. Starting with a discussion of the terms competence and performance as defined by Chomsky, the presentation focuses on communicative competence and models of communicative competence developed within the area of applied linguistics. The distinction between declarative and procedural knowledge is also discussed and how different conceptions of foreign language knowledge impact on language course design.

notebookThe purpose of this unit is to raise students’ awareness of the main features and purposes of curriculum and syllabus and how these relate. The presentation continues with an overview of the curriculum development process in the US, UK and Greece. The major focus of this unit is on the stages in language course design where issues such as needs analysis, means analysis and syllabus design are thoroughly discussed.

markerThis unit continues to focus on language learning presenting research on good language learners. More specifically, individual learner variables (affective, personality and cognitive) which have been found to influence success in language learning are discussed. Special attention is given to learner strategies and learner autonomy and how they can be developed in the foreign language classroom.

magic wandThe final unit of the course focuses on recent approaches in foreign language teaching. More specifically, it begins with a detailed overview of the main principles and features of the communicative approach, principles of communicative activities and its drawbacks. This leads to the presentation of the rationale and main features of task based language learning and the design task based lessons. The unit closes with a presentation of culture in language teaching and the importance of developing students’ intercultural competence.

lampThis unit focuses on the area of psycholinguistics and second language acquisition providing an overview of the main theories of language learning (e.g. behavioursim, cognitivism, constructivism, social interactionism), their principles and how they have affected language teaching practices in the classroom.

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